Where oh where to shoot in the greater Sacramento Area?

Hey Folks!

One of the major stresses that plagued me early-on when I started shooting for money was scouting for locations.  All of the considerations of things like foot traffic, natural lighting, access to amenities, parking, etc.  Although I've gotten much better at adapting to situations that I can't always control or project, I still like a measure of "reliability" when it comes to the locale of my shoots.

I've seen the videos on YouTube of the artists (ar-teests) that can find any old backdrop to create their masterpieces...and that's great....for them.  I think creating in any environment is something we should all strive towards.  After all, adapting under pressure is essential in any business (and it helps in life too).  However, when you're just getting your feet wet in the business, what you really need sometimes is just one less thing to stress about.

With that, I'm looking to help my fellow photogs with finding accessible and safe locations to shoot in the greater Sacramento area.  I understand for some this is counter intuitive to protecting their personal version of The Secret Garden.  However in the spirit of the abundance mentality I'd like to get this thing going.

If you are a photographer (aspiring or pro) or just have a creative eye, please leave a comment with your favorite spots to shoot.  If you're super technical and wish to leave the GIS info that's great.  Please provide any info on restrictions, security, etc.

Once I have a good amount of data, I'll create a page dedicated to places to shoot in Sacramento.  I hope for it to become a resource for others.  Thanks.

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Thanks and feel free to comment.