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Hey Photoggers!  I created this page so that I can share some resources .  I'll continue to add links to websites, videos, blogs, etc., as I encounter new and helpful resources in my photographic journey.  I hope you find it helpful.

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Jared Polin a.k.a. "froknowsphoto" is a prolific YouTuber and his production quality is professional.  He's created this great brand with his "I Shoot Raw" t-shirts modeled after iconic movies.

Once you get past all of the self promotion, you can find some really great nuggets of info on everything from his "real world camera reviews" to his "rapid fire" photo critiques.  He doesn't hold any punches so if you're sensitive when people point out your Photo no-nos, then he may be a little too brutally honest for you.


If you're a new photographer and you're not loaded, you likely didn't buy more than one or two lenses when you first took the plunge.  You may have even opted for a body-only deal.

 LensHero is a great resource for determining the best ways to invest in new glass.  It helps you determine which lenses and bodies are compatible, which is great if you already know that a body upgrade is in your future.  You can plan your purchases based on scalability.  Many people start with a crop sensor dslr camera (DX for Nikon; EF-S for Canon) and plan to eventually upgrade to a full-frame.  This is great for planning that upgrade because you'll know which lenses you'll still be able to use.

 Also, many dslr cameras don't have a focus motor and must rely on this to be built into their lens in order get auto focus.  LensHero will provide this info.

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Etched.Life is a creative family-owned company that offers photo services such as:

Organization and Management - Photo libraries and maintenance plans

Preservation and Protection - Scanning, media conversion, restoration, back-up and archival methods

Storytelling - Photo books, slideshows and montages

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